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Nathan's Private Pilot Certificate

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"A good landing is one you can walk away from.  A great landing is one where you get to use the airplane again"

-- Unknown Pilot

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On November 2, 2000 I achieved a long-term goal when I was awarded my Private Pilot certificate by my Favorite Aviation Agency.  I passed my checkride on the first try (thanks Dottie!).  I scored 93% on my written test (thanks Ken!).  Two years later and I am pushing 100 hours.  I now do most of my flying from Delaware Municipal (DLZ) where they have a nice variety of rental aircraft.

Nathan taxing N69144

My trusty rented steed N69144.  That's me in there!

I put up a sign outside my office offering airplane rides.  I was surprised at the response I got.  I have probably taken 20 different people for rides.  Splitting the costs is nice. 

My two favorite co-pilots.   Rachael (the redhead) thinks flying is great.  Megan (the blonde) is mad because I would not let  her land the plane.