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Our New Select Comfort Bed
My Bed Goes To 11
Why the UPS Guy Hates Us

Maria and I have not been sleeping well lately so after much consideration we settled on a new bed.  We settled on a SleepNumber bed from Select Comfort .  We had a coupon and figured it would be a good mutual Christmas present.   As a long-time shareholder in Select Comfort (NASDAQ:SCSS) I figured the least they could do is get me a decent night's sleep.

We chose a queen-sized 4000 model with the foundation.   Of course the bed arrives on UPS's busiest day of the year.  Nobody was home when the four large and quite heavy boxes arrived so our poor UPS guy had to schlep them though the snow to my deck.  I am sorry! 

My first problem was finding the directions.  Pick a box, any box!

Nope, lots of interesting stuff though.
Bingo!  Found it in the last box.  Let's round up some kids and put them to work on bed assembly!
Step one is putting the foundation side rails together. 
Then the cross pieces tie it all together.  I was not sure if I could do this on the bed frame but it worked out great.
Time to put the top panels on.  This took a little fiddling to get the tabs on the frame to engage all the way around.  This might have had something to do with it being on the frame rather than solid ground. 
Finally a cover goes over the foundation.  This seems to keep the panels in place and makes it look just like a box spring.  I bet we could have just used our box spring but this is a very flat, very solid surface. 

Time to move on to the mattress.

First we spread the mattress cover out and unzipped it.  Next the border of the mattress is formed from plastic corner pieces and heavy foam blocks.  Then we laid the air chambers in and hooked up the pump.
After partially inflating the bag another foam block zips between the air chambers.
One each $1200 balloon...  A thick foam pad goes over the air chambers.  The foam feels REALLY weird.
Finally the cover is zipped back together and the mattress is assembled.
My bed goes to 11.  You can see the right half is almost totally deflated and the left totally inflated.