Nathan Vonada

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A proven manager and software developer with over ten years experience seeking a challenging development leadership role.


6/2003-Present      Dynalab Test Systems                     Reynoldsburg, OH

Software Engineer

§         Sole developer of the NX Editor for the NX Series of Wiring Harness Analyzers.   Designed and implemented a highly object-oriented design featuring a sophisticated UI and XML-based file structures.

§         Designed and developed networking solutions for the NX Series using ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, C#, and JScript.

2000-6/2003          Macola Software/Exact Software NA           Marion, OH

Manager of Systems Engineering

§         Charted the development of the system enhancements for the next-generation Macola ES product.  With minimal impact on the application development teams my team and I were able to integrate our SQL and user-interface layers with our parent company’s accounting software.

§         Managed migration of the Macola ES product to a new compiler and a custom UI layer.  This saved the company at least $500,000 in annual runtime royalties

§         Managed the design and development of the Macola SQL Layer (MSL). MSL allowed identical application code to target BTRIEVE and MS-SQL database engines. This system replaced a similar product licensed from another company.  Our MSL system was three times faster, much easier to deploy, and is saving the company more than $100,000 in royalties annually.

§         Conceived and directed development of a set of services for the Macola ES system layer.  This system replaced a licensed package and is saving the company $70,000 in annual royalties.

§         Streamlined the process flow of files from the developer’s desktop to an installable product.  The process improvements resulted in consistent and timely product releases.

§         Improved performance and capability of the Macola ES VBA support.

§         Implemented a Windows NT service for SalesLogix CRM integration.

§         Managed team that developed a full-featured e-commerce integration product with the FourthChannel e-commerce system.


1998-2000                     Macola Software                                Marion, OH

Executive Manager, Research Engineering

§         Managed a 6-8-person development department with multiple teams and projects.

§         Unified corporate-wide installation efforts into a single development team standardized on InstallShield.

§         Conceived and implemented a SQL query based search engine for the Macola Progression SQL 7.5 ERP system.

§         Supervised and developed technology components for Progression 7.5.

§         Designed and directed development of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) COM-based integration with Progression 7.5.

§         Released the Flexibility Suite consisting of ERS 5.1, Progression VBA, and various development tools.   This product is the third highest volume product ever at Macola with over 4500 installed sites.

§         Conducted various training and information seminars for resellers and end users. 


1996-1998                     Macola Software                                Marion, OH

Lead Research Engineer

§         Led a 4-person development team.

§         Salvaged a flawed corporate bug tracking system by re-architecting the system in Borland Delphi.

§         Supervised the final development, testing, installation, documentation, and release of Enterprise Reporting System (ERS) 4.0 and 4.1.

§         Produced training materials for ERS 4.x.

§         Achieved Microsoft MCSE professional certification.

§         Designed the Enterprise Reporting System 5.0.

§         Prototyped web-based reporting tools in Active Server Pages (ASP).

§         Implemented major subsystems of ERS 5.0 including:

§         Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications integration.

§         High-performance multithreaded SQL query engine.

§         User-friendly, high performance visual query builder.



1994–1996                    Macola Software                                Marion, OH

Research Engineer

§         Developed an object-oriented application development environment with integrated BASIC language.

§         Trained other developers in MFC, C++, and object principles.


1992–1994                    Virtual Prototypes USA Inc.               Dayton, OH

Programmer/Software Designer

§         Migrated Silicon Graphics Graphic Language applications to Windows.

§         Implemented a portable C++ class library for avionics prototyping for Unix and Windows.


Key Code Skills


C++, MFC, VB, VBA, MS-SQL, Win32 API, InstallShield, Delphi, ODBC, ADO, COM, SAX and DOM XML



University of Dayton                                                              Dayton, OH

§         B.S., Computer Science

§         Microsoft Certified Professional (SQL Server, Windows NT, Networking)


Private Pilot, mechanically skilled